Shaker African American Mothers Support

Our Mission

T​he Mission of Shaker African American Moms Support, is to provide support to African American Mothers. S.A.M.S will enrich families through strengthening knowledge of resources and providing a sense of community and a feeling of fellowship with others.

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Our Story

One of the goals of S.A.M.S is to build a sense of community. S.A.M.S began in the summer of 2016 with a wish to find ways to support the success of our children including areas of education, family engagement, awareness of resources and more. The African American Family sometimes looks different than the standard family structure, S.A.M.S aims to support African American Mothers and helps to provide a sense of community, togetherness and well-being while supporting the community as a whole.

Supporting S.A.M.S means...​

  • Becoming part of a growing community  in Shaker Heights that has a vision of reaching a certain level of success for African American families.
  • Being directly involved in finding solutions to challenging issues that affect the community.
  • Attending presentations and events that support relevant and interesting topics that can be used as a resource for African American Moms. And much, more!

S.A.M.S. Walk with the League of Women Voters

Join us and The League of Women Voters on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020, 7pm at Horseshoe Lake Park


2020 is a huge election year for many reasons and our voices needs to be heard but we must come out and vote so our voices count. Register here and encourage everyone you know of age to vote to come out and register so their voice can be heard. 

 We look forward to seeing you there.

SAMS & SHPD Moving from Conversations to Action.

Our first call was great, join us as we move to step two. Finding steps that will move us from conversation to action. All are welcome please join the meeting using the link bellow on Aug. 6 @7 p.m. Thanks!

Click on this link to join the conversation

Shaker Rocks really rocks. The gym offers climbing and yoga classes. Explore on your own, as a group, have a party, go to camp.  Fun, fun, fun!

The chandelier 

Quality of life actually begins at home - it's in your street, around your community. 

Charles Kennedy

After a tour of the facility we received a demonstration on how to climb from owner, Annie Richman.

And the Winner is...

Baji Jenkins, Whiskey Grade

The walk is enjoyed by all ages

Savanah smiles

Pulling the winning ticket

Join us Thursday  Aug. 8th at 7 p.m.

This week it's 

"All about the Steps"

Mrs. Richman shares a hug with Ms. Billie 

Ashley Taylor, Nature's Oasis

There is a winner chosen each week.


Megan Hensley - The Cleveland Clothing Co.

Not pictured, Kevin & Lee Kay  won a gift certificate to Shaker Rocks.

Will you be next??  You have to walk to win.

Celebrating Hildana Park

On June 9th neighbors gathered to celebrate the new amnesties that have been put in place at Hildana Park. SAMS partnered wit The Friends of Shaker Library to add a Free Little Library, we celebrated the "Strength of Unity" public art and enjoyed the new game tables that have been put in place there. 

The event included face painting, popcorn, games, soccer and more. It was a wonderful time with  a community coming together for a fun afternoon together!

S.A.M.S offers homework support to students in grades k-4. We work with community volunteers who have a background in teaching, engineering, communications and various other backgrounds to come into the schools to help students with homework after school. We work with the Shaker recreation dept. to provide volunteers during Aftercare. The tutors help students from 3:45 to 4:45.

We currently provide this program at Lomond Elementary and we would like to offer it to more locations soon.

If you are interested in helping and would like more information please email us at [email protected] there is a required background check at no cost to the volunteer. Assignments are based on your availability.

" Helping each other is a way of helping ourselves"

Oprah Winfrey

Meet two of S.A.M.S 

Homework Helpers

David and Penie moved to Shaker Heights’ Lomond neighborhood in 2018. David is a retired navy officer and retired from the nuclear energy industry. Penie is an accountant and works for a local company. Prior to moving to Lomond and becoming a SAMS volunteer, Penie mentored 3rd - 4th grade children in reading and math. They have two adult daughters and a dog named Lilly.

If you see them around say hello and welcome them to the neighborhood. You will also find them volunteering in our tutoring center.

Health & Wellness

S.A.M.S aims to be a link between the demographic we serve and the various entities in the community. We are excited to form relationships with the many people in the community who work hard to help Shaker families. Health and Wellness is such a big part of our lives and we look to support moms with events and activities that support wellbeing.

The S.A.M.S Health Committee is headed by Stephanie Doibo BSN, RN (left) and Siobahn Harper MBA, BSN, RN (right).

May 13th the S.A.M.S Health Committee will host a Health and Wellness Discussion that will provide the opportunity for Shaker School Nurses to have an open discussion about ways S.A.M.S can help support parents in making smart choices for their children that will help them head to school feeling well and ready to learn.